Abruzzo is the greenest region in Europe since it counts three Natural Parks and many protected areas.
It runs from the Appenine mountains range to the Adriatic sea so that it allows to admire the highest mountains of the Apennines directly from the sea.
Our Residence is located in one of the most suggestive area of Adriatic Coast and from there it is possible to have a great view on Gulf of Vasto, also know as the “ Golden Gulf”.
It’s situated halfway between Vasto Marina Beach and Punta Aderci Natural Reserve and it is around 2 km far from the city centre.
The Residence Uliveto was born around 25 years ago by an idea of Zaccaria family.
During these years its management has followed one essential vision: the respect for the Nature and wellness of its guests.
We have decided to preserve resources and protect the environment in order to follow one thought: AS PLANET GAINS, SO DO OUR GUESTS.
Year after year, our family welcome the same returning guests with whom we have established a special relation of continuity and fidelity.
This loyalty and continuity help create the community spirit that it so evident here.
In other words, we are a large and extended family eager to share each other’s company and to create a happy holiday ambiance.
For all these aspects we think that Residence Uliveto is an ideal refuge for those that need peace, tranquillity and a getting in touch with Nature.
In short for... a DIFFERENT HOLIDAY!!!