Lodges & services

Residence Uliveto is the right place for those who want to abandon social convention and to forget formalities.
Our structure is composed by 10 bungalow and each of them most 50 mt. far from sea.
From each bungalow is possible to access directly and freely to the sea.
The crystalline sea water reflecting intense hues ranging from emerald green to bright and dark blue, provides the backdrop to bond small sandy beaches, bounded by sagged rock formations which delineate large bays and small coves alike

Our bungalow are suitable for couple or for family of up to five person and they develop on a surface of 35 mqs. composed as follows:

Residence Uliveto offers to its guests other services, as:

Our structure is located within the beautiful Coast of Trabocchi.
Trabocco is a very romantic hold fishing hut that our guest could visit during his sojourn.

Learning how to cook Italian food is a secret dream for many people.
If you want, during your holydays at Residence Uliveto you will have the opportunity to learn the main recipes of traditional Italian ed Abruzzese cousine in an informal way, directly in your bungalow.
Residence Uliveto offers a complete holiday experience.
Each of our bungalow is surrounded by plenty of private space and so there is a great appeal to stay in and relax.
If you are looking for peace and quite, you will certainly find it here.
You can relax reading a book on the rock, looking the sea or swimming in the bay underneath residence.
Freedom to roam. No cars. No rules.
This is a proper holiday at Residence Uliveto!!